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Sterling Silver Ring With Cultured White Pearl Bead
The pearl measures 9mm. The ring is 2.0 x 1.4mm Shoulder Height 3mm.
Sized to fit.
Hallmarked by the London Assay Office as Proof of quality this showcase ring comes beautifully boxed.


Please note that a natural Pearl is nature's creation, and nature is rarely perfect. Natural Pearls are expected to have some degree of imperfection. Minor imperfections commonly found on pearls are tiny pits and small white patches.

I make great efforts to choose the highest quality of pearls I can for there large size but as they are a natural product, the Pearl may contain slight minor imperfections.




Nearly all of the pearls on the market today are cultured. A cultured pearl is created by placing a piece of mantle tissue inside the mollusk which then deposits layers of nacre around the nucleus, dissolving it and creating the pearl. Naturally created pearls are extremely rare as only a small percentage of mussel will ever produce a pearl – it is said that one in ten thousand molluscs naturally produce gem quality pearls. It is still a natural process, however it has been instigated by humans. 

Pearl Ring - Sterling Silver Ring with 9mm Cultured White Pearl UK Hallmarked

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