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Made from 9ct White or Yellow Gold this petite ring measures  2.0mm x 1.4mm at the band section of the shank with a shoulder Height 3.4mm. It has a 4mm Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite Round Cut Stone stetting mounted in a rex collet

Sized to fit would make a wonderful engagement band or can be used as a solitaire ring.


CZ or cubic zirconia stones come in an array of colours and are practically flawless, the cubic zirconia stone was inspired by its natural counterpart zirconium oxide first discovered in 1892.


Moissanite is a gemstone originally discovered in a meteor crater. So it's literally a space rock.

Moissanite looks a lot like a diamond. They're both clear and sparkly. But moissanite is not a fake diamond and shouldn't be thought as one. It's a beautiful gemstone in its own right.

Because of how much a Moissanite looks like a diamond, it has become the most popular diamond alternative.

Moissanites are also great because they're completely earth-friendly and conflict-free. Since moissanite is developed in a controlled lab, there's no mining involved or harm to the environment.

A Certificate of authenticity included with Moissanite purchase.

Comes beautifully boxed as pictured

UK Hallmarked as proof of quality.

9 carat Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia White or Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

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